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This post is for all of my fellow jewelry-obsessed ladies!
(Raise your hand!)
Today I'm talking about the ever-so-popular designer jewelry rental company:  Rocksbox
Several of you have reached out to me inquiring about it after seeing some of the pieces featured in my Instagram posts, so I wanted to dedicate a full blog post to it to:
1) Provide you with an overview of what it is and how it works;
2) Share some of my favorite picks with you, and;
3) Show you how I've styled a few of them
I'm also sharing an exclusive promo code that you can use to try Rocksbox for one month FREE, so be sure to read on!
So, what exactly is Rocksbox and how does it work?
Well, very simply put: Rocksbox is the "Netflix" of designer jewelry. Except, instead of movies, you're getting gorgeous pieces of jewelry (obviously.) ;-) 
It's a unique subscription service that provides you three (3) pieces of designer jewelry for only $19/month. The pretty baubles or "rocks" are carefully wrapped and secured in the cutest, ribbon-tied box (hence the name) and shipped right to your doorstep!
The jewelry is essentially "on loan" to you for as long as you want until you decide to swap them out for new pieces. There are unlimited swaps, so if you want to swap out all the pieces or only one or two of them as often as every week, go for it! You control the frequency of your boxes.
This is a great way to try out new trends from the top jewelry designers without splurging on pieces you'll wear only a few times.
 I'm totally guilty of the fast-fashion, jewelry "impulse purchases" and may or may not still have some of it cluttering up my jewelry boxes. (Oops.) This is definitely the convenient, more cost-effective way to sample ever-changing jewelry trends.
And, even better:  if you just can't bear to part with your favorites, keep what you love and buy them at a discount! Every piece has its own discounted purchase price -- some at 50% retail -- for Rocksbox members only. Members are also granted exclusive access to the new online store, to take their pick from the entire collection, and buy at discounted prices. Win-win!
What is extra special about this service, though, is that each piece of jewelry is carefully selected for you by a Rockbox stylist.
Once you sign up, you'll take a couple of minutes to complete Rocksbox's brief, online style survey and create your profile. You'll then be prompted to peruse their vast selection of designer pieces and add your favorites to your dedicated wish list. This allows the stylists to get a feel for your preferences and curate a box of jewelry that is best-suited to your individual style. Awesome, right?
Jewelry Designers
Rocksbox gives you access to over 30 of the top designer jewelers, including: 
House of Harlow
Jill Michael
Karen London
Kendra Scott
Loren Hope
Melinda Maria
Perry Street
Rebecca Minkoff
Sophie Harper
Unlimited designer jewelry for only $19/month
Unlimited swaps at no extra cost
Free shipping both ways
Jewelry specially selected for you
Vast designer collection to choose from
Ultimate #accessorygoals
$10 "shine credit" the 1st of each month
(to use towards any purchases, doesn't rollover)
$25 referral credit for new members
(to use towards any purchases)
Hassle-free cancellation
1-month FREE trial
(Promo code below!)
My Picks/Favorites
All of my Rocksbox pieces have been amazing, thanks to my stylist, Molly -- it was as if I hand-picked the pieces myself!
It was nearly impossible to narrow down my top picks, but here are several that made the cut, and that you may want to add to your own wishlist.
Prepare yourself for some serious eye candy, ladies!
*Happy Dance*
Urban Gem "Talia" Necklace

Kendra Scott "Annika" Necklace - Ivory Pearl

Perry Street "Emerson" Statement Earrings
Melinda Maria "Laura" Baby Bangle - Gold
Perry Street "Stella" Earrings
Perry Street "Bella" Choker Necklace
Lauren Hope "Abba" Earrings

Elise M Layered Necklace
Kendra Scott "Elle" Earrings - Gold Amazonite
Jill Michael Knot Center Cuff - Gold
 Perry Street "Jenna" Necklace - Yellow
Kendra Scott "Dira" Earrings - Gold
Perry Street "Wren" Necklace - Blue
Nakamol Leather Wrap Bracelet - Brown & Silver
Gorjana 3-Disc Necklace - Gold
Karen London Stud Earrings - Sunshine & Rainbow
Urban Gem "Paisley" Necklace
Gorjana "Isla" Cuff Bracelet - Gold
Kendra Scott "Rayne" Necklace - Gold & Ivory
Kendra Scott Drop Earrings - Lilac
Urban Gem "Liana" Necklace
Lauren Hope "Sophia" Stud Earrings - Seafoam
Gorjana "Mave" Lariat Necklace - Gold
Kendra Scott "Jana" Bracelet - Slate
Elisa M "Bonhaire" Stud Earrings - Abalone
Slate "Bohemian Nights" Bracelet - Gold & Silver
Perry Street "Gemma" Stud Earrings

Perry Street "Taylor" Necklace
Perry Street "Bleecker" Crystal Earrings
Wanderlust & Co Marble Bar Layered Necklace
See what I mean? 
There are SO many stunning pieces to choose from, and this is only a fraction of what's available! It's jewelry heaven! lol
Here are a few ways I've already styled some of my pieces, which you may have seen on Instagram. My two most-loved pieces have been the Urban Gem "Talia" Necklace and the Kendra Scott "Annika" Necklace; they literally go with everything!



1-Month Free Trial
Want to give Rocksbox a try?
Get 1 month FREE with my exclusive promo code below.
There's no catch!
Try it out, see what you think, and if you don't want to continue the service, no problem at all.
The gift membership will expire automatically and will NOT rollover into a paid membership. I know this has been one of the top concerns when using a free trial. But, rest assured, you will not be charged unless you decide to become a paying member.
Rocksbox will send you a friendly email reminder about your approaching expiration date, and all you have to do is let them know if you wish to continue the service (and start your paid subscription) or not. It's really that easy.
See why everyone has been raving about Rocksbox?
I have had nothing but a positive experience so far, and wanted to share my honest opinions with you. I highly recommend you give it a try -- I think you'll be soon addicted!
I hope you found this post informative! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out and I'll be happy to help! You can also visit Rocksbox's FAQ page here.
Thanks so much for reading, and have a lovely evening!

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