Fall Style: Timeless Tweed Dress, Custom-Sized Belt + Camel Overcoat


Timeless Tweed

You can't go wrong with tweed when it comes to Fall style. Not only has it stood the test of time over the decades, but it's the ideal cool-weather fabric, making it so popular this time of year. I guess you could say that tweed and Fall go together like peanut butter and jelly...or Nutella and crêpes -- whichever your preference. (Mine's the latter, personally.) 

But what do you do when you're facing another heat wave in late October like here in L.A.? You compromise. Today I'm sharing a Fall look that incorporates timeless tweed and gives it a modern, pretty, and practical spin that's perfect for both cooler and warmer days alike.

New Favorite Tweed Dress

Meet my new favorite tweed dress that I scored for only $40. 
From its charcoal color and black piping details, to the figure-flattering cut and shape, I simply adore it! The fit-and-flare style is so feminine and ladylike! When I first saw it, I knew it would be one of those pieces that could be styled numerous ways; the color and shape are so classic, and I could see it being worn for years to come. 

Funny thing: this dress was a chance purchase. I was returning another item in-store when I caught a glimpse of it on one of the clothing racks off to the side. Because I was rushing, I grabbed it, noting it was a size 2 (which I already knew to be the smallest size available) and took it to the register. I wasn't sure what to expect, but was thrilled when I tried it on at home and found that it fit so nicely right off the rack! The waist and bust are snug but not overly so, and the fabric drapes over the hips and flares out slightly. For fit reference, I'm 5'2", 99 lbs., and measure 33-24.5-36" at the bust-waist-hips. 

The measurements of the size 2 (taken while laying flat and doubled) are:

Bust: ~29"
Waist: ~24"
Hips: ~34"
                          Length: ~37" (shoulder to hem)

There's 1% spandex in the fabric, lending it some stretch and allowing it to conform to your shape, which is why I imagine this dress will sell out soon. It's so flattering! It zips smoothly up the back, making it easy to get on and off. And the fabric is not scratchy or itchy at all, which is a major peeve of mine and a problem I tend to find with some other tweed varieties. The fabric is actually surprisingly soft, which is a saving grace because the dress itself is unlined. That said, the fabric is still thick enough to allow you to go without a slip if that's your preference.  

This is such a pretty dress that embodies a modern take on a classic tweed! It's light and breathable for these hotter days, too. Once the weather cools down long enough to actually enjoy some layers, I plan to layer it over a collared, long-sleeved blouse. A white one would be simple and elegant. A rich mustard, burgundy or teal blouse would add a beautiful splash of color, too; they're such perfect colors for Fall!  Or for more warmth, swap out the blouse for a long-sleeved sweater with a fine weave (to avoid bulk) for another adorable, but cozy, Fall look.

Black Gucci Belt & Custom Sizing

When visualizing styling options for this dress, this Gucci belt immediately came to my mind. Wearing a skinny belt at the waist adds more definition and polish, and is a look I repeat often with my dresses, especially with these fit-and-flare dresses. I hadn't planned on buying this particular belt; I was thinking more along the lines of any black skinny belt because, in truth, this one is definitely more on the spendy side.

But, after I tried this style on in-store on a whim and learned that a sales associate could easily customize the fit of the belt for me free of charge, my husband actually nudged me to get it. He must've been in a really good mood that day because not only did he encourage the purchase, but he wrangled the kids while the friendly associate carefully punched 4 extra holes into the belt for me. I was over-the-moon with this complimentary service because I had been wanting to wear the belt higher up on my natural waist and couldn't before then! I didn't dare attempt it on my own with a belt puncher; for a belt at this price point, it would just be my luck to accidentally ruin it with my amateur belt-punching skills! No way. I left it to the experts and am so happy I did. The holes are evenly spaced and look like they were always there. Now, the belt fits me perfectly at the waist and at the hips, allowing me to wear it multiple ways as I choose.

I wanted to mention this customized sizing option for those of you who were unaware of it or who were worried about not being able to style this belt the way you originally envisioned because of sizing limitations. A Gucci store associate will happily help you, provided you purchase the belt in-store. They may also help you if you provide them with a copy of your online receipt (for online purchases) but you'll want to verify by calling first. I also asked the associate to detach the leather belt loop so that I could slide it down to keep the "tail" of the belt secured, and he obliged. I just have to be extra careful that I don't slide it down too much or it will fall off, since it's no longer attached to the belt. Also, it's important to note that once you customize your belt, it's considered "final sale" and can't be returned.

For those of you wanting the look for less, this belt is a great designer dupe for only $40!

Camel Wrap Coat

If I were to recommend one staple item for Fall/Winter, it would be a camel coat. Adding a classic, camel coat to an outfit instantly elevates it, giving it a chic and pulled-together look that I love. Plus, a high-quality, thicker coat is sure to keep you warm on even the chilliest of days. Choosing one with a self-tie belt is best since it nips you in at the waist and gives you a figure-flattering shape, even when worn over multiple layers. 

This camel wrap coat I'm wearing is even better than I expected! I mentioned it in a previous fitting room/current favorites blog post here, and have to say, it's such a classy and warm coat. It's the perfect camel color that pairs well with everything. I'm wearing size 2, and it fits nicely except for the long sleeve length (~23" long.) I'm also on the fence about the overall length (~40" long) since it runs longer than I usually prefer, hitting me below the knees. Then again, I'm growing fonder of the longer length since I think it gives it more of a refined look, and will be perfect styled with tall, suede boots. For that reason, I haven't altered it. Either way, I'm so glad I snagged this coat when I did because it keeps selling out online. I've seen the occasional size pop back, though, so you can keep checking for it.

Or, you can try this similar camel wrap coat, which I also ordered for comparison. I like that it comes in petite sizes, and ordered the size 00P to try. I'm uncertain about the collar on this one, though; it looks like it might be too pronounced for my liking, giving the resemblance of bat wings across my chest (lol) but we'll see which one I end up liking more. I'll keep you posted. I also recently found this one that I wish I had seen sooner: it's the same style but with added princess seams and a convertible neck that can be worn up for extra warmth. It has a very sharp, tailored look. Plus it, comes in regular and petite sizing and is currently 25% off! It's definitely worth checking out, too.

As you've probably guessed, it's still too warm here to really get much use of a coat, but I still like to drape this one over my shoulders for an extra dressy, evening look. I've actually had strangers stop me to ask about it, which is always nice! 

Black Suede & Caviar Leather

To round out this Fall look, I added a pair of black (faux) suede bow pumps and a black vintage Chanel caviar tote. You'll notice I like mixing various textures when keeping a look pared down to only a few colors. The suede, quilted leather, tweed, and camel wool all work together harmoniously, and give the overall look dimension. 

This is easily one of my favorite outfits this season! And it's all thanks to a little tweed dress I happened upon for only $40. It inspired this entire look.

Tweed Fit & Flare Dress (sz 2) //
Gucci Monogram Belt - fit customized (budget-friendly dupe here for $40!) //
Camel Wrap Coat (sz 2) - most sizes sold out online (also love this & this! //
Black Faux Suede Bow Pumps - old (similar here - also have; love these & these, too!) //
Chanel Vintage Black Caviar Tote (similar herehere & here; budget-friendly here, here & here) //
Kate Spade Pearl Stud Earrings //
Kate Spade Sunglasses

Do you have a favorite tweed item in your wardrobe that you turn to every Fall? 

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you have a great rest of the day! XO

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