Office Style: Pretty, Polished Polka Dots + Electric Orchid

Pretty, Polished Polka Dots

When it comes to prints, polka dots are right up there with stripes, in my book. They're fun, whimsical, and when done right, pretty and polished.

Today's look features one my go-to "recipes" for styling polka dots for the office (or any occasion, for that matter) and it's really quite simple. Ready? Here it goes: pair your polka dots with a solid foundation piece in a bold, bright color. The end. I told you it was simple! 

This combo works like a charm and is one I repeat often. I'll vary the colors and patterns, alternating them in my tops and skirts to create multiple outfits. In fact, I shared another example of this "recipe" in this recent blog post, where I swapped out the dots for stripes, and chose a patterned sweater to offset the bold color of the skirt. Adding a solid color is key because it helps anchor the outfit, balancing out the print.

Let's talk about this skirt! This cute, little number from J.Crew is my favorite polka-dotted skirt in my closet, hands down. I immediately snapped it up when it went on sale. Great news! After checking online, it appears that a couple of the petite sizes in this skirt are still be available in-store! It's definitely worth checking out if you've been on the hunt for this exact one. You might also try calling J.Crew's customer service line to try tracking one down. If that doesn't work, no worries; I was also able to find a couple of cute, similar skirts online here and here.

Electric-Orchid Silk

Silk ruffles in a gorgeous, striking color? Always! 
This electric-orchid silk blouse from Banana Republic is such a beautiful, stand-out piece! I just adore the color and style so much. It's soft, drapey, and perfectly feminine. I admit I have far too many of these ruffled blouses in my wardrobe, but they're such a staple for me and layer so nicely under blazers and cardigans -- perfect for the office!

This blouse has since sold out, but I found two similar ones in the same, vibrant color here and here. The electric-orchid color is super flattering on all skin tones, and really pops against a contrasting pattern like the one of this skirt.

Complementary-Colored Accessories 

For accessories, I chose colors that complement the orchid color of the blouse: a powder-blue satchel and light grey suede pumps. I love these colors against the blouse! They're close together on the color wheel (pinks, violets, blues), so they work really well together, and add a softer layer of colors. It's playful yet still polished and office-appropriate.

A cluster of pearls around the neck adds an extra touch of elegance.

Banana Republic Silk Ruffle Blouse (0p) - sold out (similar here, here) //
J.Crew Polka Dot Tweed Pencil Skirt (00p) - limited stock in-stores (similar here, here) //
Forever 21 Grey Faux Suede Pumps (5.5) - old (similar here, here, here) //
J.Crew Pearl Cluster Necklace - old (similar here) //

This outfit "recipe" is foolproof! Give it a try if you haven't already! And I hope this look shows you that polka dots can be pretty and polished for the office. It's all in how you style them. And I choose to style them pretty. ;-)

Thanks, as always, for stopping by, and happy Friday the 13th! Make it a great one! XO

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