Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - My Thoughts & (Selective) Picks

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Oh, the infamous Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, or #NSale, as you've no doubt seen splattered about your Instagram feed. To preface this post, I have to say, I was actually on the fence about preparing this post. On one hand, I love a good sale as much as the next gal and want to excitedly share all of my amazing finds with you (it's one of the reasons I blog in the first place); on the other hand, I've been a bit put off by the incessant over-promotion of the sale by bloggers over recent years. The sale jargon and educational posts on how to navigate it, etc. have become redundant and annoying to an extent and it's become a hot-button topic for some. 

I totally get it. I do. Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. So why am I posting my NSale Picks anyway? Well, it's two-fold. 1) Despite my frustrations surrounding the over-saturated marketing both leading up to and during the sale, I'm actually really excited about the sale itself. Some of the discounted goodies I found while sifting through the various departments are still worth sharing and considering, even if you've been debating on whether to forego this year's sale madness altogether; and 2) several of you personally reached out to me via direct message (DM) on Instagram and shared that despite feeling the same frustrations I do with the #NSale hype, you'd still be interested to see my picks because you always love what I pick. (What a compliment!) I appreciated the kind words and feedback so much, and wanted to acknowledge those of you who took the time to empathize and encourage me to share my favorites anyway. So, here you go -- this post is for you! 💗

A few things: I'm sharing only the items I either already have and love (some of these pieces have made an encore from last year's sale due to sheer popularity) or would actually purchase or consider purchasing myself. I was very selective with my picks, choosing those I think are most worthwhile, despite my attempts to whittle them down, and am sharing them all below by category to keep things simple. I've also included a bonus sale category below which everyone can shop now, with or without a Nordstrom card! (No pressure and no fear of missing out! This is only for you fellow sale-hunters looking to browse/shop something pretty, yet different at Nordstrom than the usual #NSale fare.)

Key Reminders:

July 12 - 19:  Early Access for Nordstrom Cardholders
July 20:  Sale Opens to Public

All online orders and returns ship for free.

My NSale Picks By Category:









And there you have my top #NSale picks! I hope you find them helpful, whether you're shopping or simply browsing. You'll see I kept mostly with the classics -- pieces you can wear season over season to get the most cost per wear.

Do you have any favorites? Or are you sitting this one out? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you, as always, for stopping by!

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